I am called to serve Jesus Christ and his people with my spiritual gifts and talents.

As a Minister and Servant Leader, I serve others by writing bible plans, preaching the gospel, prophesying, doing outreach and community development.

You Version Bible Plans

Be Kind To Your Mind

Be Kind To Your Mind is a 5-day Bible plan on mental wellness. With a transparent approach, we provide practical tools, scriptural references and encouragement for readers struggling with their mental wellness. We pray this short devotional gives you hope, tools, and faith on your journey towards mental wellness.

True Love Never Ends

Take some time to reflect on love within your marriage. This 5-day Bible plan focuses on never-ending love, limitless compliments, the value of friendship in marriage, leaving room for error and celebrating your spouse. We pray that reading this plan builds your marriage and reminds you to love with eternity in mind.

Beyond: Following the Way of Jesus as we do Outreach

A 5-day Bible plan on meeting the needs of others in our community and city the way Jesus did throughout the Gospel.

Better Together

Better Together is a 5-day marriage devotional that shares the joy of doing life together and using your gifts to serve one another. We pray you are inspired to spend more time loving, encouraging and enjoying your spouse!

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